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This page is dedicated to th memory of
Charles R. "Chuck" Timms
Founder of the Chambley Air Base, France
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Anderson, Bror S "Swede", 21st Communication Squadron

Anderson, Marvin D. Captain assigned to the 7002nd USAF Hospital & 21st Tactical Hospital, Chambley AB France was killed in an auto accident just south of Metz sometime in 1957.

Ahlrich, James D. 21st Air Police Squadron 18 March 1998

Albertson, Jack 7122nd Tactical Fighter Wing, 390th Tactical Fighter Squadron Maint control Officer

Alford, Ray 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, HQ Comptroller

Anderson, Bror S. 21st Communications Squadron

Andros, Harry 7122nd Tactical Fighter Wing 31 December 1995

Auger, Gerald F. CO 21st Field Maintenace Sqd. 1954-57 Born Sept 18, 1919; Died Dec 24, 2007

Armstrong, Ben L. 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron 2 January 1999

Askew, Eddie 21st Tactical Hospital April 2000

Autry, Denny 21st Air Police Squadron 23 December 1976 Automobile accident near Greensboro, North Carolina

Backowski, Anthony 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron

Baker, Brian 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron auto racing 1980

Baker, Robert N. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, Deputy Commander, and then Commander

Barker, Charles R. 21st Fighter Bomber Group 16 May 2000

Barber, Thomas J. (Major) Commander – Headquarters Squadron – 21st Air Base Group

[Died March 3, 1979.]

Barber, Montez R. Wife [Died March 5, 2004.]

Baxter Ferrell 163rd Tactical Fighter Squadron April 1986

Beamer, Morgan R. 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, Commanding Officer

Bean, Curtis M. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, Chaplain Feb 1996

Bellamy, Jack, Major General, 390th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing Retired Sep. 1, 1975 . Died April 3, 1996

Bennett, Roderick 25th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing

Binghurst Carl A. 21st Installations Squadron

Black Betty 21st AB Gp Unknown Wife of CMSGT R Leonard Black

Boles, Ernest A. - 7367th Combat Support Group, stationed at Chambley from 1961-1965. Passed away 8 Oct 1991 Madison , Wisconsin . A veteran of WWII, Korean War & Vietnam War, his wife, Gertrude Boles, preceded him in death. His chidren who also lived in Chambley: Adrian, Jacqueline, and Gloria.

Borges, Pete

Bosch, Dr. George; Chambley AB, France Base Hospital 1956-1957: Pased away January 2013 in Beaumont, Texas

Bowen, R. E. 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, at Chambley

Bowers, Charles 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron Commanding Officer

Bradford, John W. 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron

Brady, Jim 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron Flight Chief 9 February 1995

Branton, Homer 21st Air Base Group Base Flight

Braun Louis D. 72nd Sqd Ops Operations Officer; Died 23 Mar 2001

Brown James E. 21st Installation Sqd Unknown Kentucky

Bright, Bill Lung Cancer 8 October 1999

Bringhurst Carl A. 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron

*Brown, THeodore "Ted"  date unknown (wife-Georgian)

Brown, James E. 21st Installations Squadron 29 June 1995

Brown, Ted 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron 1984

Bucher, Ervin H. 7122nd Tactical Fighter Wing 10 February 1994

Burk, James O. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron, 11 April 1998

Burk, James R. 21st Air Police Squadron

Byrd, Leonard 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron

Calofino, Sally March 1998

Calomino, Sally 21st Fighter Bomber Group wife of Emil March 1998

Campbell, Charles R. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron March 1995 or 26 July 1995?

Carlson, Mary 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, wife of Leif

Carter, Fran, Wife of Shannon

Carter, Shannon Carter

Carter William W. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, HQ Squadron

Casada Bonnie, Wife of John Casada; Passed Away on 4 September 2006

Casada, John B. 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, 1982

Castonguay, Gerard J. 21st Air Police Squadron 2000

Cayer, Arthur F. 21st Installations Squadron & 7002nd Air Base Squadron Sept 2001

Chandler, Charles K - 20 April 2004 - Wife Carolyn

Clark, Howard T "Howie" 21st Supply Squadron 16 August 1998

Clark, Jim W. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing

Clark, Larry (A/1C) 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron J47 Engine Mechanic; Passed Oct 2006

Clough, Herbert Jr - 1997 - Lt Col, Commander 7002nd & 21st Tactical Hospitals

Cockrel, Carolyn -27/08/04 wife of Bob, 416th FBS

Cole, Mellvin 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron April 1992

Combs, David E. 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron

Costello, Frank J. 21st Communications Squadron

Coyne, Michael J.

Craft, Charles W. 21st Supply Squadron 8 June 1994

Craft, Edwin Glen;  21st FBW passed away in country 10 June 1957

Craft, Leslie, 8 June 1994

Craven, Loren

Crowe, William R. 21st Transportation Squadron

Culpepper, Charles H. 21st Food Service Squadron CWO Commander

Cummings, Gladys 21st Air Base Group, wife of Col. Robert L. Cummings 1998 Auto accident & heart attack

Cummings, Lillian wife of Robert

Cunningham, John - 04/04/03 (wife-Margaret)

Curry, Jr., William D. BG (R) 72nd FBS - passed away in Williamsburg, Virginia on April 16, 2013

Daguanno, Larry 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron 25 December 1999 Heart Attack

Davenport, Wilbur "Bill" 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron Flight Chief

Davey, Joseph 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, Catholic Chaplain

Dodd, Lester COL(R) 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron passed away on Wednesday April 12, 2017

Craven, Loren - 531st FBS - reported by Les Quirk

Deichen, Bernard 21st Field Maintenance Squadron 1994

Dellaripa, Indie Jo 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron & 531st Husband Jim

Devlin, Daniel A. - stationed at Chambley , France (1963 - 1967?) passed away August 3, 1995 in San Bernardino , CA . He is survived by his wife, Gloria (Boles) Devlin and their daughter, Heather.

Dicey, Charles First Sgt 66-67

Diece, John L. 21st Communications Squadron

Dobyns, Bob - date unknown - 72nd FBS

Dobyns, Alace, wife of Bob - 72nd FBS passed away 30 Aug 06

Doerzbacher, Ruth 25th Tactical Fighter Wing, wife of Ralph

Domben, Leif 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron Heart

Doan, Robert - 10 June 2003 - reported by his wife Jeanne

Donovon, Donald J. 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron Airplane accident 1975

Dority, Paul 21st Communications Squadron

Dorsey, Doreen A. 23 July 1995

Dorsey, Joseph 21st Communications Squadron

Dowse, Robert A.

Drage, Don "Lucky" - 06/08/03

Dubose, R. T. 21st Supply Squadron

Early, John G. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron, Pilot & Adjutant

Edmunds, Alan C. BG (R) passed away on 10-09-2010 in Spokane. He is survived by his three children Kathy, Chuck and Sandi and his wife Yvonne.

ESTEP, Richard 416th FBS - 04/02/04 (Son Keith) P.O. Box 3030, Dateland, AZ 85333

Edleman, John (Jack); 1270th AACS Chambley AB, France 1955-1956 - passed away April 25th 2016 in Dubuque,IA

Ellenwood, Dwight R. 7367th Combat Support Group 8 January 1997

Ellis, Kenneth R. - 72nd FBS Chambley (fighter pilot) from 1956-1958 died in the evacuation of VietNam in 1975.

Evans, Brook

Evans, Dennis, 12/08/03

Fabricius, Darlene 14 June 1995

Fancher, Jack N. 25th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing Base Commander 2001

Faris, Elvin 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron, Cancer 1982

Farrell, Fred G. 7367th Combat Support Group

Faulds, Lorraine 21st Installations Squadron, Wife of Rodney

Ferleman, Glen 21st Field Maintenance Squadron December 2002

Ferguson, Eleanor (Ellie) wife of CMSgt (Ret) Robert “Fergie” Ferguson 1270th AACS Sqdn. (deceased), died on 22 May 2013 w/family in San Antonio, TX

Ferguson, Robert F. "Fergie" air traffic controller, Chambley AB, 1956-58, Chief Master Sergeant Ret; died Dec 1999 of ALS; combat veteran of WW II, Korea, Viet Nam; survived by wife of over 52 years, Eleanor Ferguson, & 7 children, San Antonio, TX Francis, Buck - 20 Dec 1999

Freedman, Art - 00/09/04 - A teacher at Chambley

Fields, Jimmy L. 21st Air Police Squadron (Basketball - Chambley Desert Rats)

Fletcher, Robert 16 November 1999 Gall bladder cancer

Floyd, Ligett D. 21st Installations Squadron, Fire Department

Francis, Richard B. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron, 13 January 2003

Franklin, R. C. 21st Fighter Bomber Group, wife Stella also deceased

French, Loy R. 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron,

Galloway Ed 21st Supply Sqd Aug-10 Wife Alta Ed passed away August 17, 2010

Garrett, Robert John (1929-2006) passed away 13 Aug 06 - Pilot, 531st FBS, call sign "Boo".  He is survived by his wife Darrylyn.  His F86 experience a flame-out and he land his aircraft instead of ejecting; thus receiving an AF Commendation.

Garry Ken, 22 Mar 04 - 2460 Woodthrush Dr, Sandy, UT - 84093-2722

Garrett, Robert (Boo) J. - 531st FBS 2006 - Cancer

Getman Jr., Carlos Howard - 532st FBS 1954 to 1957 - passed away on 4 August 2013

Gillespie, Billy 21st Fighter Bomber Group

Gillette, Donald 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, Crew Chief, wife Joanie.  Don passed away February 13, 2016.

Githens Christine 21st Hospital Sqd Jul - Wife of George Githens passed July 2009

Glass, Jerry 21st Air Police Squadron June 1992

Glass, MSGT, 1st Sergeant - Hq, 21st Fighter Bomber Group

Gleason, John 19th Tactical Reconnaisance Squadron March 2001

Gould, Richard V. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron 7 December 2000

Grafe, Harold 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron 16 November 2001

Graffunder, William O. 21st Supply Squadron Wife Ella died of breast cancer 28 January 2001

Greene, Jim

Greenleaf, Emil 21st Supply Squadron 1982

Gryder, Harold W. 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, unit supply 1993

Guthrie Price E. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing,

Hall, Robert


Hamby, James 21st Air Police Squadron, 1986, wife 1993

Hamfeldt, Newton - OSI -29 November 2004

Hamlet, Russell B. 21st Installations Squadron, Baseball team manager

Hardeman, Pat 21st Air Base Group, 20 February 1999, also Wife Eva

Harmon, Roger 21st Installations Squadron, Fire Department

Harris, Floyd 21st Supply Squadron

** Harris, Lee (Cowboy) was a fighter pilot who was assigned to the 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, 21st Fighter Bomber Wing in Chambley Air Base France - Cowboy passed away on October 20, 2012

Harter, Robert, 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, Major, 1972

Hartman, Millie 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron, Cancer 1985, Wife of Charles

Hartwig, Herbert C. 21st Maintenance & Supply Group, Wife Louise M. 23 January 1996

Hass, Marilyn -2002 (Husband - Ed)

Heed, Huguette 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, September 1999, husband Joe

Heinzmann, Fred A. 7122nd Tactical Fighter Wing, August 2001

Hendrickson, Arvo 21st Installations Squadron, carpenter 1984

Hepner, Raymond H.

Herman, Ryland 21st Installations Squadron

Herron, Emmett L. “Sam” Lt. Col. (Ret) 78, passed away Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012. – Sam was a 1st LT w/the 531st FBS - He is survived by his wife, LaNelle; four daughters: six stepsons: eight grandchildren & two great-grandchildren.

Herzog, Wade, 21sr Fighter Bomber Wing

Higginbotham, Joyce 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, wife of Billie

Hoey, Charles J. 7002nd Air Base Squadron, Commander, 17 December 1999

Hoggard Robert---1270th AACS------Passed away in 2005

Hollandsworth, Victor "Holly"   passed away late October 2010 in Reno, NV. He is survived by his wife Bea and a sister.

Holliker, Robert F. 21st Supply Squadron 1992

Holt, Robert 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron, auto accident 23 December 1966

Horst, Bob - Glendale, AZ; - 531st FMS (wife-Carol) passed Away December 16, 2003

House, Ray 21st Tactical Hospital & 4002nd Hospital 1 March 1995

Huey, Bill 21st Air Base Group 13 March 2002

Humphrey, Thomas J. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron, September 1995

Husse, Orval - 531st FBS

Icke, Arthur 21st Air Base Group,

Isner, Robert F., Major 1996

Jeffords, George T. - Boulder, Colorado 416th FBS.  George passed away on Dec 28 2009

Jones, Eugene (Ramsey); Louisville, Ohio; Member of the 416th FBS - Ramsey passed away on June 10, 2011 at 4 A.M. in his sleep

Juedemann, Bert 21st Field Maintenance Squadron

Junion, Raymond 21st Air Base Group,, Base Flight

Kalach, John 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, perhapswife Geraldine also

Karker, Bernard L. 21st Tactical Hospital

Kearney, Emmet L., 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, August 1992, Wife also deceased

Kearney, Thomas J. 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron, 1988

Kenny, Clyde - assigned to Chambley in the 1960's; Chef with Air National Guard passed away August 20, 2010

Kesner, Troy 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, Auto one mile from main gate of Chambley

Kidder, William E. 21st Air Police Squadron, 1998

Kiebler, Jimmy D. 21st Field Maintenance Squadron

Koch, Fern 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron January 1996

Kopaczewski, Roland W. 21st Air Police Squadron 25 June 2001

Kortenbusch, Werner 21st Field Maintenance Squadron

Krieg, Norma - 14/03/03 (husband - Bernie)

Kucklick, Richard J. 21st Fighter Bomber Group 2003

Kwasnowski, John - Base Hospital Passed Away in 2009

Lamb, Barbara 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron, husband Charley

Lamey, William 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron alsp wife Helen in 2002

Langenbach, Paul 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron, 1992

Langston, Jack - 08/09/02

Lantz , Dale (Daisy) - 72nd FBS, wife (Marcia) - large family - farmer - passed away December 2007

Leo, Carl H. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron, Commander, Wife Melba also deceased

Leon, David TSGT, 21st Installation Squadron - passed away September 1990

Leon, Jackie Agostini wife of TSGT David Leon

LeBrum, Paul - dates unknown

Leurhing, Dean 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, Col. Deputy Commander

Liesse, Orval 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron,

Liggins, Cecil 21st Installations Squadron, also wife Verna is deceased

Lockley, Beth - wife of Stanley 531st - DOD: 12 Jan 2005

Logan, James W. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing HQ 1 May 1974

Love, Stan, friend of Bonnie Casada, Littleton Colorado

Lundberg, Martin 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, also wife Maxine

Lusse, Arval P.

Lynch, Donald 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, Col. Operation Officer

Maher, Robert & Donna (dates unknown)

Maltese, Tony 1973

Mance, Robert F. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron, Pneumonia 1960s

Manuel, Robert Heart Attack

Martell, Mirabelle wife of Ray

Martinez, Dan 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron, Hydraulic Shop 19 June 1997

Matthews, Gary 21st Air Police Squadron, Sports car mid 1960s

McCall, Harry M. 21st Tactical Hospital Spring 1998

McCall, Henry A. Spring 1998

McCulley, Lorraine E. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron,

McFarland, Jack H. (MAJ.) 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron 1955-1957 passed away Aug. 27, 2006, survived by his loving wife of 62 years, Bette; 4 daughters, 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren

Meade, Charles 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, Line Chief, Wife also deceased

Meehan, Donald M. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing & 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, 25 April 2002

Metzger, William H. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, 18 March 2001 was 91 years of age

Miller, William N. (Bill) OSI

Miller, Byron L. 21st Air Police Squadron May 1998

Miller, Darrell G. 7122nd Tactical Fighter Wing

Mizzi, Robert J. 25th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing

Moe, Morris E.

Moore, Dale E. 21st Air Police Squadron 7 March 1996

Moore Floyd (Bob) NCOIC 72nd FBS Supply Unknown

Morris, Harvey 21st Field Maintenance Squadron

Mowrer, Philip W. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing About 1999

Myrick, Raliegh J. 21st Air Police Squadron

Neylon, Verna Lee 21st Field Maintenance Squadron, Husband Tom Neylon

Neal, Simmie J. 21st Supply Squadron, Msgt & First Sergeant. Also 21st Communications squadron (?)

Niehoff, Virgil 21st Food Service Squadron, Virgil died in jeep accident 1972 Vera later

Nordland, Maury 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron & 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron

Northrup, William (Bill); S/Sgt in the 21st Comm. Sqdn.  died of cancer in 2010

Norton, Roger D., 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron passed away April 8, 2008

Noyes, Douglas C. 2183rd Communications Squadron, 8 March 1995 cancer, wife Marilyn A. May 1993

Oberding, Frank 21st Air Base Squadron, NCOIC Post Office

O'Brien, John A. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing & 531st, 1997

Olsen, Young - 1956, Car Accident France - 21st Air Police Squadron

Ooley, Michael - 5 December 2006 - Cardiac arrest.  He was incorrectly intubated by the ambulance  PM according to his wife Diane.

Peachy, Jack W - 31/07/04 (wife Ann)

Peery, Dave 14 January 1990

Peters, Martin 21st Fighter Bomber Wing HQ Personnel Director 6 September Heart

Pierson, Charles 21st Fighter Bomber Wing HQ Personnel

Perry, Garland A. Administrative Officer, 7002nd Hospital

Perry, Frances Newsom; wife of Garland Perry; Hospital Administrator 7002nd Air Base Group. passed away on April 14, 2013.

Pfisterer, Clyde; 21st Fighter Bomber Wing; passed away June 10, 2011.  He is survived by his wife Marilyn Pfisterer

Potloff, Valentin P. 28 April 1995 Kidney Failure

Pottebaum, Louis 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron Auto Accident 1993

Powell, John G. 25th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing 27 September 2002

Pritchard, T/Sgt Reg AF SOBs 7367th Combat Support Group

Rabanus, Gordon - 72nd FBS passed away 23 May 2006 and is survived by his wife

Reedman, Art - 09/00/03

Reno, Jerry L. 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, Flight Chief

Rhodes, Gerald J.

Rhoades, Kenneth E. 21st Base Flight 6 December 1994

Richesson, Marvin L. - 531st FBS - Auto accident 1954 or 1955Rivet, Roy J. 21st Air Base Squadron, Base flight radioman

Rogers, Lee; 21st Fighter Bomber Wing of  Fremont, California Date of Death Unknown

Rouse, Claudia Page 21st Food Service Squadron, 17 September 2000

Rowland, Robert R. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, Commander 26 January 2003  (L/Gen)

Ryland, Herman 21st Installations Squadron

Sampson, James 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron about 2000

Savoie, Jimmie 21st Tactical Hospital

Schell, Arthur 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron

Shields, Daryl 21st Air Police Squadron, Supply

Schlipf, Harold A. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing, Adjutant

Schmeling, Earl E. 21st Installations Squadron, Commander

Schooley, Richard S. 21st Supply Squadron 6 May 1999

Serna, Ernest 21st Air Police Squadron

Shaw, Mildred Wife of Estes Shaw

Shipman, Donald - 1998 - A1C 21st Air Police Squadron

Shields, Daryl H. - MSGT, 21st Air Police Squadron-Supply

Siess, Clifford W. 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron & Field Maintenance & Fighter Bomber Group

Silva, Henry May 2001

Sizemore, Robert 1998

Slaysman, Lyman - MSGT

Slusher, Raymond D. 21st Air Police Squadron

Smith, Donavon F.   21st Fighter Bomber Wing, Commander  10 SEPTEMBER 1974 (LtGen)

Smith, Jack

Smith, Milton Donovan 21 st Tactical Hospital 1996

Smith, Paul Jay - 14 Sept 2006 at home.  In ill health for several years with dementia and heart problems. Smith, Milton Donovan 21st Tactical Hospital 1996

Smith, Ray - passed away in 1979 - 7002nd USAF Hospital (The Alumni just found out in Feb 2008)

Smith, R. P. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron, Capt.

Smith, Richard J. 1st Lt (Sqd Pilot) 72nd FBS, Died June 4, 2003

Smith, William E. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing Operations

Snow, Dan W. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing Intelligence Officer

Spring, Harold C. 25th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing

Stapleton, James 21st Communications Squadron 13 January 2003 wife Gerry about 1986

Starks, Vernon G. 21st Supply Squadron 08/09/02

Stokes, Maxine - May 2007 - wife of Col George Stokes who was with the first construction group at Chambley.  George sends this thank you note "During a time like this we realize how much our family and friends really mean to us....Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered by our family.....He added -- Thank you for the very pretty roses.  Maxine loved them and they made a pefect display - George Stokes"

Stokes, John Hall 21st Air Base Group, Commander March 1993

Stokes Maxine Wife of Capt George Stokes 73rd Air Depot wing Detachment Commander & Base Supply Officer Advanced Partyt Chambley, AB France; Passed Away on April 29, 2007

Stone, John A. 21st Tactical Hospital

Stone, John H. 21st Tactical Hospital

Sullivan, Carl 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron. NCOIC Sheet metal shop.

Sweezey, Edward (Chino); 72nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, passed away on  Thursday February 2, 2012 at Bay Front Hospital, St Petersburg, FL. He was 77 years old. He is survived by his wife Lillian and family.

Taylor, David S. - He retired from the WV Air National Guard as a Brigadier General and was Assistant Adjutant General in charge of the WV Air National Guard.

Tarsitano, John 7002nd hospital 1986

Tarsitano, Partricia

Teeters, Virgil - Passed away in 2005 or 2006

Thomas, William

Thompson, Walter H. - Pilot 416th Fighter Bomber Sqd. - retired as Major USAF in 1968 - passed away on January 18, 1993 in Denver CO - his wife passed March 9, 2008 in Great Falls MO

Trash, Rassie (Hosp) - age 95

Timms, Chuck 02/15/04 (Wife Carolyn)

Trahan, Mike

Troyer, Sammie J. - SMSGT - Hq Sq 21st Air Base Group

Trusky, Joseph A. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing

Van Cleve, Charles - A1C - 1283rd AACS Squadron

VOILS, Cecil - 20 Jan 06, San Antonio, TX -21st Supply Sq Commissary Officer and member of the Chambley Desert Rats basketball team.  Memorial services held at the AF Village #2 Chapel, internment will be at Arlington, March 2006. Wife Jan,Tel: 210-677-2402.

Washington, Edward

Watkins, Bill, 13/12/02 Hqs 21st Fighter Bomber Group (wife Margaret)

Waxman, Betty 21st Tactical Hospital, Nurse, formerly Betty McGlothlin 2 October 1997

Weed, John B. 21st Fighter Bomber Wing  DOD: about 2002

Weekley, Isabella S., Morris Weekley's wife

Weeks, Herman F. Joint Construction Agency, Resident Engineer

Wells, Oscar C. 21st Installations Squadron, Spring 1996

Whitehouse, Donald 25th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Chaplain 24 April 1990

Whitlock, Glenn 21st Field Maintenance Squadron

Whitmore, William J. 1270th AACS, Leukemia 1 Jan 1964

Williams, C.B. 01/30/03

Winkleman, Al 531st Fighter Bomber Squadron 1993

Winters, Jean - 05/28/02

Woods, Ron - 00/00/97 21st Field Maint - Played basketball for the Desert Rats

Wooley, Chuck - 08/09/04 - 416th FBS - (wife- Carolyn)  Chuck went on the group tour to Chambley in 2001. Several members sent memorial donations to the Chambley fund that are greatly appreciated.

WUERZ, AL - 531st FBS - dod, 12 Jun 07...Dau Patti Maw has request contribution to the troops in liew of flowers...see web page Patti's e-mail is

Young, W. C. 21st Food Service Squadron, Supervisory cook

Young, William 21st Air Police Squadron

Zettell, R. F. " Bud" (1955-57) date unknown

Zimmerman, Herbert C. 416th Fighter Bomber Squadron

Zylka, Joseph 21st Fighter Bomber Wing


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